Occupational Therapy degree

Work experience

Work Experience Placements are an important training period for future Occupational Therapist Professionals.

Throughout this period students will get a feel for the complex reality of the profession.  Here knowledge acquired in the classroom can be applied in practice.

EUIT Work Experience Model

EUIT is working on creating its own Work Experience Model which aims to be a guide to obtain all the skills needed in each practical period. This will ensure that the student internalises the theory and practical parts learnt by using a reflective and critical training framework, in order to help with future integration in the working world.

Work Experience Programme

Theoretical and Practical Training periods take place over all the academic years.  These include three practical subjects (Prácticum I, Prácticum II, and Práctica Externa) which take place in years 2, 3 and 4.

We are associated with more than sixty carefully-selected centres which students can choose from.

Each Work Experience Period includes:

  • Weekly group seminars.
  • A work experience placement supervised by both an academic tutor and a work experience tutor.