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CCRQ-e (Client-Centered Rehabilitation Questionnaire)

The objective of the Client-Centered Rehabilitation Questionnaire (CCRQ-e) evaluation instrument is to evaluate the perception of users about whether they have received Person-Centered Care (PCA) during the rehabilitation service. Today, the CCRQ-e is the only instrument in Spanish that evaluates this aspect, knowledge of which is essential to determine if the rehabilitation intervention has been organized based on the user’s needs, values, or preferences.

The translation, adaptation and validation of the tool has been carried out by Prof. Elisabet Capdevila (UAB), in collaboration with Dr. María Rodríguez-Bailón (UMA), Dr. Mariona Portell (UAB), Dr. Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz ( VIU), and Prof. Ana Szot (EUIT).
If you want to download the manual, click here.
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