Occupational Therapy degree


Future is in your hands!

The Degree in Occupational Therapy is designed to train professionals prepared to assess, diagnose, identify, prevent and treat occupational problems (self-care, productivity and leisure) of individuals, families or groups affected by a health problem that directly interferes with their significant occupations.

Do you want to join the challenge and make it possible for people to occupy their lives doing what they want?

We understand by significant occupation

  • The activities we do developing our roles in everyday life
  • The activities we do to express our identity
  • The activities we want and need to do

Current situation and challenge: Health andoccupation

Health and occupation go hand in hand. When you do what you like and it’s important to you, you feel good. When you feel efficient doing what you had difficulties, you feel good.

In addition, having a good occupational balance allows us to maintain a good state of health, both physical and mental. Occupational Therapy wants to achieve this balance in people, an individual and defined balance for each/her, so that they feel fulfilled, satisfied and proud of themselves.

Added value: Teaching staff support according to the needs of each student

The human treatment and accompaniment guarantee an adequate learning to the occupational and professional requirements, according to the evolution of the technological and scientific context, and the needs of society and the company.

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