Nursing degree

The nursing profession

Nursing is the discipline that is responsible for looking after people, families and/or communities.

A professional in the field of nursing ensures the good health of the public throughout their lives. They work on promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing risks, being ready to act when faced with an illness both in acute processes and in mourning.

Nurses are experts in professional care. Their performances are based on scientific, humanistic and ethical principles.

The future is in your hands!

The nurse* ensures the well-being of people throughout their life cycle, working on health promotion and disease prevention, in acute, chronic processes and grieving situations.

*According to the UAB guide for gender equality, which recommends the use of women in professions historically with a greater presence of women.

Individuals, families and communities are the focus of nurses. They consider the person as a human being who has physical, psychic, social and cultural needs. Its actions are based on scientific, humanistic and ethical principles. They can carry out their professional work wherever there are people, families and/or community, in both health and disease situations. Nurses are the professional care experts and can develop their skills in:


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