EUIT Research

Research Committee 

Research and innovation at EUIT are set within the context of EUIT’s Strategic Plan 2017-21, in the strategic axis “Progressing in teaching, research and knowledge transfer”.

The Research Committee is the body responsible for EUIT’s scientific political deployment.  

The Research Committee oversees the following: 


  • Providing the required resources to foster high-quality research at EUIT. 
  • Encouraging the growth and consolidation of EUIT’s priority guidelines, considering those established in the autonomous, state and European research plans, as well as in the Catalonian Health Plan. 
  • Promoting university-company research. 
  • Promoting the transfer of knowledge to the scientific community and society. 
  • Facilitating the creation of research groups. 
  • Encouraging teaching and research staff accreditation. 
  • Fostering scientific interrelation between research teachers. 
  • Channelling the internal and external requests of possible research projects. 
  • Raising awareness of research impact. 

Comitee Members

  • Codern Bové, Núria. Head of the Research Support Unit. 
  • Comellas Oliva, Montserrat. Director at EUIT. 
  • González Román, Loreto. Occupational Therapy Degree coordinator.
  • Gorina Cañaveras, Marta. Works Council representative.
  • Grau Sanchez, Jennifer. Teacher and researcher on the Occupational Therapy Degree.
  • Pujols Barniol, Ma. Àngels. Library representative.
  • Sánchez Rueda, Guadalupe. Nursing Degree coordinator.