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SOD-EO (Satisfaction with Daily Occupation-OccupationaBalance)

SOD-EO has a birthday, it’s been a year since its presentation!

The SOD-EO is the tool that assesses the person’s activity, satisfaction with their occupation and the level of occupational balance.

The SOD-EO is a tool used by occupational therapists that is administered through an interview. It allows you to know people’s satisfaction with the activities they do throughout the day, both productive and leisure, domestic and self-care activities. On the other hand, it includes the assessment of occupational balance for each of these four areas. Occupational balance is the individual’s perception of having the right amount and the right variety of activities that are meaningful to the person and that are consistent with abilities and interests.

Although the specialist in human occupation is the occupational therapist, information about the satisfaction with the activities carried out and the occupational balance of the person can be of interest to different socio-health professionals.

Serve as an example, the testimony of professionals who are using the tool in their day to day.

The adaptation of the tool in Spain was carried out by a team of researchers led by Dra. Laura Vidaña (EUIT), with Dr. José Antonio Merchán (UVic-UCC), Dra. Inda Zango (EUIT) and Dra. Dr. Paula Peral (UMH). This translation and validation process also included Dra. Mona Eklund, creator of the original tool (Satisfaction with Daily Occupation-Occupational Balance) and Dra. Jenny Hudqvist from the University of Lund (Sweden).

To get the handbook and tutorial video of SOD-EO tool (Spanish version) click here.