About us


On behalf of all the team at Terrassa University School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy (EUIT) welcome to our website.

EUIT is a university school assigned to the Autonomus University of Barcelona (UAB), and linked to Fundació Docència Sant Llàtzer (FDSL)

Through using this page you will be able to get to know our team and find out about the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees on offer, as well as the different activities within our academic, cultural and social framework.

Our own teaching experience is backed up by one hundred years of teaching experience in the field of Nursing, due to the fact that our University School of Nursing is the oldest in Catalonia, as well as being the oldest for offering university studies in Occupational Therapy.

Studying at EUIT means you will receive personal support, and benefit from our commitment to teamwork and applying theory in practice. We also offer the opportunity to take part in work experience in more than 80 centres in the field of Health and Social Care.

I really hope this website is a useful and dynamic tool for our users, any suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Montserrat Comellas i Oliva

EUIT Director