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Assessment tools in Occupational Therapy: guide for professional practice and research 

This new e-book focuses on the evaluation process in Occupational Therapy and describes more than 100 standardized assessment tools relevant to professional practice and research in Occupational Therapy. 

In the book, the different assessment tools are classified into those that evaluate occupational performance, those that are linked to Occupational Therapy models and those that evaluate the different levels of functionality and factors according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health of the World Health Organization. Each tool has a brief description, the reference articles and the domains or areas that it evaluates. 

Written by the teachers of the school’s Occupational Therapy degree, PhD. Jennifer Grau Sánchez, Loreto González Román and Inda Zango Martín, this book, edited by the EUIT, aims to be an agile reference text that serves as an orientation for Occupational Therapy students, professionals, professors and researchers on the main assessment tools used in the discipline. 

The book is presented in electronic format in Spanish and can be found as an open access book in the catalogue of the library of our university for consultation and download. 

Access link to the book 

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