Research Projects

Study on the occupational balance among occupational therapists in Spain

Identifying the state of occupational balance of Spanish occupational therapists who are developing different intervention roles and establishing how this affects their health and occupational performance.

Research team: Inda Zango, PhD (PI), Loreto González, PhD and Jèssica Garrido, PhD (OCCARE); Paula Peral Gómez, PhD and Alicia Sánchez Pérez, PhD (Miguel Hernández University (UMH)), and Petra Wagman, PhD (Jönköping University, Sweden).

The use of ICT and the Flipped Classroom teaching methodology as tools to promote the learning of theories and models in Nursing

Analysing whether the use of active and participatory methodologies (Flipped Classroom) improve the learning process of theories and models of nursing care in first year Nursing Degree students at EUIT.

Research team: Guadalupe Sánchez Rueda, PhD (PI), Silvia Poveda and Marta Gorina, PhD (OCCARE), Anna López and Patricia Caudevilla.

Funding: 2ª Convocatoria de proyectos de innovación docente para la mejora de la docencia universitaria, 2018.

Multicentre implementation project of the tool PIMAC

Revalidation of the PIMAC tool and its implementation in a technological platform designed to manage nursing skills.

Research team: Montserrat Comellas, PhD and Montse Rodó, PhD (OCCARE); Clara Romero, PhD and Anna Junqué (Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, CST).

Project managers: CST, EUIT, TCP Grup (Tecnologia Centrada en la Persona) Partners: Consorci Sanitari Integral (CSI), Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO).

Funding: Project funded by the partner companies.

Meanings and use of the body in health science students

Learning about the students’ understanding of the body and what aspects affect their gaze, and coidentifying strategies that can be accepted by students to transform their approach to the body and that can be applied throughout their training.

Research team: Inda Zango, PhD (PI, OCCARE); Pía Rodríguez, PhD (UAB), and Juan Andrés Pino Moran, PhD and Esther Insa, PhD (ESIMar).

Pilot study on the effects of the multisensory stimulation therapy in people with moderate or advanced dementia residents at Llar Residencial Sant Llàtzer de Terrassa

Assessing the effects of the application of multisensory stimulation therapy on people with dementia admitted to a residence.

Research team: Jèssica Garrido, PhD (PI) and Elisabet Capdevila (EUIT), and Núria Berga and Mª Eulàlia Guijosa (CST).

Funding: Beca obra social “La Caixa”.

Comparative and descriptive study of two activities from different approaches in people with moderate dementia, users of Barcelona Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Patients (AFAB)

Studying the elements that assist the occupational performance of people with moderate dementia who attend the AFAB, during and after conducting two types of activities that are carried out at the centre: cultural outgoings and cognitive stimulation group sessions.

Research Team: Loreto González, PhD (PI), Elisabet Capdevila (EUIT) and Jèssica Garrido, PhD (OCCARE), and Pilar Aceituna (AFAB).

Exploration of the occupation place in the therapeutic approach to mental health in the Moroccan context

Understanding the relevance of occupation in therapeutic intervention in mental health in the Moroccan context.

Research Team: Inda Zango, PhD (PI) and Núria Codern, PhD (OCCARE); Said Nafai, PhD (American International College); Sophia Elouazzan (University of New England), and Alvar Jones Sánchez and Jamal Dirkaoul.

Obstetric Brachial Paralysis, quality of life and rehabilitation in children

Systematic review on children diagnosed with Obstetric Brachial Paralysis, quality of life and rehabilitation from an Occupational Therapy approach.

Research Team: Jennifer Grau, PhD (PI, OCCARE), Paula del Rio, Patricia Icart, Carolina Figueras and Julia Andrés.

Occupational Therapy intervention to improve autonomy in people post-infected by SARS-CoV-2 in an intermediary hospitalization unit

Designing an Occupational Therapy programme, its feasibility and effectiveness in rehabilitation in people post-infected by SARS-2 to improve the level of autonomy.

Research Team: Jennifer Grau, PhD (IP, OCCARE); Anna Monsó, Joan Ars Ricard, Marco Inzitari, Cristina Udina and Eva Llarch (Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Barcelona).

Moral distress, moral injury and solidarity among health care professionals during COVID-19

Exploring the moral distress and moral injury that health care professionals in ICUs faced due to COVID-19 and its influence on suffering mental health conditions. Moreover, this study aims at investigating the practitioners’ perceived solidarity and its role as a stress-reducer.

Research Team: Maria Kapanadze, PhD (PI), Jennifer Grau, PhD and Núria Codern, PhD (OCCARE); Ignaas Devish (Ghent University, Faculty of Medicine); Ido Lurie (Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Continuing Medical Education); Yael Mayer and Tal Jaurus (University of British Columbia); Antoni Rodríguez Fornells (University of Barcelona), and Salvador Simó, PhD (University of Vic – Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)).

Evaluative study on the benefits that free intergenerational activity brings to nursery school children and the elderly from the nursing home Els Bons Amics de Seva

Identifying the benefits of undirected intergenerational activity in children and elderly people during weekly meetings performed in natural environments.

Research Team: Elisabet Capdevila (PI), Jèssica Garrido, PhD and Loreto González, PhD (OCCARE); Gemma Morato and Irene Rovira (Llar d’Infants de Seva, Residència Els Bons Amics de Seva).

Emotional well-being in the healthcare professionals

Identifying the benefits of undirected intergenerational activity in children and elderly people during weekly meetings performed in natural environments.

Research Team: Elisabet Capdevila (PI), Jèssica Garrido, PhD and Loreto González, PhD (OCCARE); Gemma Morato and Irene Rovira (Llar d’Infants de Seva, Residència Els Bons Amics de Seva).

Other projects leaded by other research groups

Sharing community approaches in Occupational Therapy through interuniversity cooperation

Analysing how the approach to social and community aspects has been included in the study programmes of the Occupational Therapy degrees, as well as designing cooperative content between three similar subjects taught in three Spanish universities: University of Zaragoza, University of Castilla-La Mancha and Terrassa University School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy (EUIT).

Research Team: Isabel Vidal Rodríguez (IP, Universidad de Zaragoza), Pablo A. Cantero Garlito (Universidad Castilla-La Mancha), Dra. Inda Zango Martín (OCCARE), Ana Alejandra Laborda Soriano, Alba Cambra Aliaga, Patricia Sanz Valer

Funding: Convocatoria de Innovación Docente 2019/20: Universidad de Zaragoza

Local cooperation project in the fight against COVID-19 disease and its social impact

Improving provision, proper use and recycling of locally produced masks.

Research Team: Dra. Mònica Ardanuy (IP, INTERTEXTER, UPC-Terrassa), AEI, Ajuntament de Terrassa, Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, Dra. Melinda González (EUIT), Dr. Raül Vernet (OCCARE), Silvia Poveda (OCCARE), Ester Peñataro (OCCARE), Mútua de Terrassa i Institut Industrial de Catalunya

Everyday male sexism in Nursing university degree

Describing the perception and experiences about everyday male sexism in the classroom and in the clinical practices of Nursing students in different Spanish universities, from a mixed-gender study.

Research Team: Dra. María Feijo Cid (IP, UAB), Dr. Ángel Gasch Gallén (IP, Universidad de Zaragoza), Dra. Eva Fernàndez Lamelas (EUIT); Ariadna Graells (ESIMar), Equip de Treball en Infermeria, Gènere i Diversitats (Etigid)